Basics of project management

Project management is a useful process to be adopted by the companies and their managers working in the ever-changing business environment. It basic characteristics such as limited duration and uniqueness and its goals of meeting or exceeding client’s expectation by constantly adapting the processes to the changing requirements fit well into the global market conditions in which many companies operate today.

A growing number of projects in basic activity scope, at an operational as well as chief management levels where projects become an instrument of implementing organisational alternations and strategy realisation, is a consequence of globalisation changes. To follow this tendency, chief company management should create an organisation system supporting project management at all organisational levels in order to deal with the complexity resulting from a simultaneous realisation of multiple projects. This system should also enable them to use management paradigm based on, among others, employees’ commitment, process orientation, team work, client centeredness and full cooperation with clients and providers.

The aim of this manual is to present basic rules applicable during project realisation. The choice of methods was made considering their efficacy confirmed in practice of many companies.